When it all began…

The Sidro Restaurant was opened by grandpa Mario and grandma Maria Cittar in the late 1971. It is located in the historical centre of the Novigrad of Istria just across the little harbor.

Sidro/All’Ancora is specialized in preparing local and seasonal products. The Menù offers dishes from meat to fish dishes, from classical vintage starters which have been reinvented without losing any of the traditional flavor that made the starters popular in the first place. You can enjoy in traditional ”small scallops” (canestrelli ) or bigger scallops ( capesanta ) of Novigrad which are fished on Novigrad’s coastline. The pasta with wild asparagus is also a very special local dish. In addition, you can try Romb fish on the grill or even try authentic Sole fish from Novigrad.

The vine card is pondered extensively and ranges from local vines to the national vines. We offer many beers including some of the local homemade beers with exceptional quality. Our goal is to offer you the best of what can be served alongside your dish and we cordially await you at our restaurant.




Visiting our restaurant will fill you with warmth and put you in food heaven